Digital Art Exhibition: Engagement Party – A2D Converters

During the first three month of 2012, a range of artists will be living, working and creating brand new artworks at Phoenix Square, taking inspiration from this unique cultural building and its surroundings…

A big thank you to everyone who kindly donated their old, unwanted or broken electrical goods over the last month. The results of your generous contributions can be found in our Cube gallery.

Engagement Party have been transforming your contributions into something else, something different, something … other than before.

Engagement Party have created a lament for the old school, analogue technologies that once seemed as fresh and exciting as the latest computers, tablets and smart-phones that have become such a dominant part of our culture.

Their playful installation imagines a final resting place for all the things that have been so unceremoniously left by the wayside as the rapid development of digital technologies continues.

Engagement Party are regional artists Peter Bowcott, Graham Elstone, Thomas Hall, Robert Squirrell and Tommy Sweeney.

Photography – Alan Morton & Chris Tyrer

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