A day in the life…John Rance CEO

(Written last Friday)

It was another great experience arriving at work today.

I could hardly get into the building for starters…

A double-decker bus had arrived for Schools Film Week. I joined an enthusiastic crocodile of school kids making their way into the building and was nearly diverted into the cinema by a teacher!

Inside, delegates at the British Arts Festival Conference were just warming up with a lively performance of Indian dance in the cafe. Very energetic and colourful.

At ten o’ clock, all the rooms are in use and there are more lively events in the cafe to look forward to at lunchtime.

And this is not an unusual day here. One of the great things about working at Phoenix Square is the way diverse groups of people meet and mix and use the centre. It can be very distracting, in a good way, when you are trying to get some work done!

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