Staff Q&A: Alexzandra Jackson

Name:  Alexzandra Jackson.

Job title(s):  Production Co-ordinator/AOM (Assistant Operations Manager).

How did you get started working at Phoenix Square? I had heard Phoenix Arts was moving to a new site when I worked at Line Out back in 2007 and decided that was where I wanted to be. I applied for the position of AOM while I was in Thailand in 2009 when I was just about to finish my travels and 4 weeks later I was lucky enough to be appointed.

Favourite thing about working at Phoenix Square? The people, just to be around kind, funny, creative types and knowing even when it’s hard and gruelling I still believe above all else we are doing the right thing and Phoenix will one day have a reputation for excellence.

Best memories at Phoenix Square? Launch was a scary, adrenalin and red bull fuelled roller coasters but I still look back happily ever time I smell a new carpet.

Favourite Phoenix Square event? I used to think it was the Christmas Family Fun Days or The Short Cinema even though they stress me out so much I’m in fear of developing an ulcer but now that crown certainly falls to The Social Cinema.

What do you get up to outside of Phoenix Square? Outside of Phoenix Square?

Do you have any other hidden talents? It’s still hidden from me too but can’t wait to find it.

Your favourite place, outside of Phoenix Square? Summer; in the park reading or being read to. If the park is in New Zealand all the better.

If money was no object what would you buy? Phoenix Square, a Canon EOS-1Dx and a Yorkie bar.

Who would you like to play you in a film of your life? Drew Barrymore.

What’s your favourite snack? Chicken.

Tell us a secret… I am quite a good secret keeper.

Tell us a joke… Thanks Twilight, now if a boy ignores me, I know it’s only because he’s a polite vampire, trying to resist my blood.

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