A day in a life of a…Café bar assistant at Phoenix Square.

One of the best things about the café bar is the film and dine offers.  I like the fact it’s making the cinema more of an event ; at too many cinemas going to see a film means paying crazy prices for the ticket, then queuing up ages to buy some unbelievably priced popcorn and drink ‘deals’ and finally finding a seat your crammed into. By the time you’ve sat down to watch the film you feel like you’ve been through an assault course! However at £12.50/11.50 for a ticket and a meal I think we offer a pretty good deal and its nice walking round the café bar watching everyone enjoying their meals and a few drinks, discussing the film there about to watch or have watched.

As part of my job I like to try and watch every film that comes on at the Phoenix, partly because I love film, but also because I like being able to talk about the films with customers. There’s not many jobs where you can spend the day serving customers and discussing something you enjoy, especially as I find with the Phoenix the customers are really into their film, and it’s nice that we get a lot of loyal customers that I see on a regular basis, and I owe a lot of them for excellent DVD and film recommendations!

My main duties include serving drinks (another plus of Phoenix is that you can take them into the cinema) and serving the meals, (probably the hardest part of the job having to take the meals out and just being engulfed by the delicious smell, sometimes it’s difficult to let them go onto the table!) Then there are all the maintenance jobs that keeps the Phoenix looking prim and proper, the key skill I’ve learnt for life is how to wrap cutlery I even find myself doing it at home now on special occasions!

One of the other things I love is that working at Phoenix is never boring. It’s a real hub of the community. I’ve had the privilege of meeting lots of different people and organisations who use Phoenix and its nice being able to cater for these groups and have Phoenix as a hub for creative and enterprising people. One shift I even had a small part in a short film that was being made! I had to place a coffee in front of the bad guy. Needless to say I smashed it in one take! So if there are any agents out there come speak to me at the bar.

Hopefully I shall see you at the café bar soon and all film and DVD recommendations are more than welcome! So be sure to come to the bar and say hello, and treat yourself to a bite to eat and a drink, I personally recommend treating yourself to one of the homemade cakes every now and then, they’re pretty amazing, that is if I’ve not bought all the slices myself!  See you soon fellow Phoenixers!

Martin Baker

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