A day in the life of a … marketing volunteer at Phoenix Square

A typical day in the office at Phoenix Square can involve anything from nipping to the Post Office to get a few hundred stamps to writing film reviews for the brochure.  I get to do a large variety of things each day which means I never have the chance to be bored.

Today I’m working on improving our use of social media (So if you haven’t already ‘liked’ us on facebook or followed us on twitter now’s the time to do that) and making the blog more relevant.

I’ve spent most of the day researching how other businesses similar to us use social media and identifying things we could do better.

Part of this means that we’ll be running more competitions- they seem to be popular and a good way of getting people involved (apparently people like getting free stuff!); rumour has it the first ones will be going online on Friday.

Since I started here at the beginning of September I’ve been really surprised at how enthusiastic everyone who works here is about Phoenix Square and by how much work goes into running an independent cinema.

And then there’s the tea club which provides us with more tea, biscuits and cake than you can shake a stick at. I bet they don’t have that at the Odeon!

Hannah Woolley

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