Back to School for CreativeCoffee Club 21/09/2011

The latest edition of CreativeCoffee was certainly celebrated with a Back to School vibe in the air.

I counted 17 people who dropped in and out over our 2 hours of discussing creativity in the workplace. So a very good turn out!

So what happened then?

A great networking meeting all around at Phoenix Square, here is what we got up to (and this is also the part where I apologise for throwing tea over certain members of the group!).

I could finally put a face to the tweeting avatar of Ingrid Grenar of Creative Sidekick, we have been chatting online for a while and it was nice to put a speak in person and finally ‘meet’!

Newcomer to the group Marcia Blagg – Who tells me she was wearing the wrong hat that morning (!) of Pollen Print. Marcia gave me one of her fabulous plastic business cards. We were all intrigued by how lovely it was and instantly wanted to know more!

I was interested to catch up with Kate Cowan of new venture Spring to Action. Kate has been a great adviser to me over the past year of me starting my own business that it was good find out about her new venture, elusive business partner and to of course discuss which fabulous location in Leicester we are going to have our meeting on Friday – We have decided on the Crumblin Cookie.

Also there were Emma Moore, of Print Monkey, Rosie Clark of Virtuous Bread, Karl Craig-West of Bus Webs, Richard S Kennedy, Photographer of October House Imaging, Jed Spittle of Manic Music Productions, Richard Kennedy, Sarah, and Art for Change who seemed to be having a very in depth conversation and discussing the topic of business exhibitions and speed networking.

Dave Johnson of Silverleaf Studios, Shell Edwards of Make Up Artistry (She has just re-branded and is looking forward to a challenging Autumn) Sam Johnson of Sam Johnson Photography, Edd of Purple Claw (Web Design), Olga Kras (Who by the way had bought her beautiful 6 week old baby girl to her first networking event!) all put to rights the new Adobe package, and had a good chat of the merits of a good web design.

Hannah Weinburg of The Business Club bought Sarah Long and Zoe Gallagher, Business Advisors of NCN at Work over from ‘rival’ networking group Breakfast Biscotti who had already met that morning at the Almanac, Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester to tell us about some funding that they are working with, which will enable business owners to gain new qualifications.

The next meeting is on the 5th October 2011, 10am until 12pm in the Screen Lounge at Phoenix Square. Please use the following EventBrite link to register, and remember to add yourself to the mailing list for instant invites to future events. We have something very special next time – Lawrence Ward of Ripple Effect Theatre Company is giving a Seminar / Workshop on the art of Public Speaking. So if you would like to brush up on your skills, or if you’ve ever wanted to speak from the stage in Phoenix Square’s Screen 1 then sigh yourself up. There will be usual networking and coffee drinking running alongside this too!

See you there,

Rebecca. x

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1 Response to Back to School for CreativeCoffee Club 21/09/2011

  1. I wasn’t there for long but I certainly enjoyed it.

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