Jeremy Hunter Talk – James Black

On Monday 14th March award winning photojournalist Jeremy Hunter gave a one hour talk on his photographic collection Let’s Celebrate 365. Let’s Celebrate 365 explores the diversity of world’s cultures through their festivals, rituals and celebrations. Throughout the sold out lecture Mr Hunter combined audio/video presentations with his extraordinary images to illustrate ‘the DNA- the beliefs and faiths of many of the world’s cultures and traditions.’

Let’s Celebrate 365 explores the subject of multiculturalism in the purest sense of the word as Jeremy pointed out ‘Long before the word multiculturalism became a 21st Century political mantra it was merely an observation that more than one culture exists throughout the world.”

The traditions and religious practices contained with Let’s Celebrate 365 span the entire globe from the Purim festival, celebrated in Stamford Hill by ultra orthodox Hasidic Jews, to the Jain’s Great Head-Washing festival which takes place in Southern India. Mr Hunter sees ‘the incredible power of belief’ as the one common factor which links the multitude of diverse communities and religious practices together.  

Mr Hunter described the many festivals and celebrations as offering a ‘window into the soul’ of a particular community by which we can gain a better understanding of their way of life and enter into ‘a world of myth, legend, drama, music, colour and sound.’

Following on from his talk Mr Hunter welcomed questions from the audience where he stressed the importance of tolerance and the need to respect cultural diversity throughout the world. He also acknowledged that many of the ancient traditions and communities displayed in Let’s Celebrate 365 are likely to be forever changed by the speed of progress in 21st Century life.

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