Wizarding Film Workshop – 11/12/10 – Large Scale Film

On Saturday 11th December for 3 short hours the ETC suite at Phoenix Square became a place of cinematographic magic as 16 young people engaged in the Wizarding Film Workshop.

Once the group had warmed up and got to meet each other, they learnt the basic functions of the camera and how to compose shots featuring people. They then took this a stage further as they learnt to compose shots whilst the camera panned left and right. Last of all they learnt how to hand hold shots that didn’t wobble, and maintained good composition.

The next section was the most popular as young people has the opportunity to put their new skills into action. They devised, acted out and filmed some scenes featuring their favourite characters from the Harry Potter films.

It was a great afternoon in an enjoyable atmosphere and the young people involved clearly enjoyed themselves. Although 3 hours may seem like a long time, in filming terms it is a very short time. Large Scale hopes to build on this taster day and deliver more substantial workshops in the future.

In a short consultation exercise we conducted at the end, overwhelmingly young people suggested they would like to be involved with a much longer workshop – a week being the most popular choice. Whilst there was a smattering of choices for an animation day and some editing skills, most would like to make a film. We will see what we can work out!

Some comments from the young people who attended the Wizarding Film Workshop.

  • I thought [Steve] gave clear and simple instructions that really educated me about filmmaking.
  • Really good and helpful.
  • We got to be creative and use the skills we’d just learnt.
  • I enjoyed the filming… we could have a laugh and have an epic fight scene.
  • [Steve] was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.
  • I enjoyed being able to make a mini video using skills we have learnt.

The Wizarding Workshop was a taster for bigger things. With Phoenix Square and Large Scale offering a range of courses for the spring half term (18th – 23rd February 2011), for primary & secondary age young people and a one day workshop for adults.

Click here for further details.

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